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You’re reading this. On our new website! And as you are reading this, our tribe is working hard on serving you the stories you deserve. About the stories we experience in what we keep calling storymaking & placemaking.

Yes, we’ll write a post soon on what that actually is! (Or at least how we define it)

As you might understand, gathering the content we have accumulated of the last years is a major task that hasn’t come light on us. Instead of perpetually waiting for the right moment, we have decided to just launch and go.

So bear with us, we’ll be updating you soon.. With even more brand new content of amazing projects from the past couple of years. And even projects that will be coming up! And our 2020 goals, and our tribe, our cooperative, and a gazillion other things!

For now: a fresh beginning. Thanks for being with us, we hope you’ll stay with us to enjoy more great times!