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Karma, Bitch

A 48 Hour Film Project Submission

The 48 Hour Film Project challenged us to create a short film

within only 48 hours.

We’re proud of what the team pulled of in such a short amount of time.
Shooting with a new crew in the city of Amsterdam is not an easy task.



Karma provided an opportunity for W&G to let our creative juices flow,
meet new people, and above all: Have some fun!


Achieved goals

Create a short film within 48 hours. Connected with filmmakers from The Netherlands.


A short film that premiered at the Go Short International Film Festival Nijmegen (NL).


Coming up with a fresh and creative narritive in a very short time.

Film production.

Teamwork in stressful environments.

Hours of Production


Seconds of film


Victor Hasselblad

Victor Hasselblad


Hasselblad was born in Gothenburg. In 1940 Swedish Air Force officers requested Hasselblad to construct a camera that rivaled the one found in a Germanreconnaissance aircraft shot down over Sweden. Hasselblad founded the Victor Hasselblad AB company in 1941 to produce cameras for the Swedish Air Force.

Hasselblad was famous for always trying out Hasselblad AB’s new camera models by photographing birds. For example Hasselblad 2000 was tried a week at Nidingen, the only place in Sweden where the black-legged kittiwake nests.[1]

By 1948, the company introduced the first civilian Hasselblad camera, the 1600F, in New York City. Over time, Hasselblad has become a standard camera for many professional photographers.

Victor Hasselblad inspires us with his strife for perfection and quality in the products he delivered. We feel the same passion for our stories.

More on Victor Hasselblad >

How and why we name our works

Cast & Crew

Romano Haynes as Criminal
Dinanda Klaassen as Astrid
Shriejan Paudel as Danny

Director: Teun van den Elzen

Producer: Lennart Sikkema
Co-Producer: Larissa Willemsen
Screenplay & Concept: Yorn Heijnen
Screenplay & Concept: Coen Leuven
Concept: Erik de Rijk

Director of Photography: Evert Bazuin
1st Assistant Director: Bo Zonneveld
2nd Assistant Director: Erik de Rijk
2nd Assistant Director: Jasper le Clercq
1st Assistant Camera / Focuspuller: Maarten Muilenburg
2nd Assistant Camera / Grip: Jan-Willem van der Kamp

Sound: Kay Lemmens
Gaffer: Douglas Robson
Best Boy: Tim Straathof
Make-up: Carly Heemstra
Propmaster / Set Dresser: Larissa Willemsen
Data / Video Assist: Jasper le Clercq
Production Assistant: Sophie Hols
Location Scout: Erik de Rijk
Crew Support: Jeroen Wilms
Catering: Yorn Heijnen

Soundtrack: Yero Pharaoh
Editor / Audio Mix: Teun van den Elzen
Editor / Audio Design: Lennart Sikkema
Edit Supervisor: Yorn Heijnen
Credit Sequence: Erik de Rijk
Studio Support: Thomas Vroege

Executive Producer: Jeroen Wilms
Production Support: Johan Sjöström, Jakub Karsky, Oscar Bastiaens

Reuse & licensing

Creative CommonsBy Attributionsa-trans.largeThe film, photo’s, and poster, and any other content featured on this page are licensed by Whalebone & Greenstone under the terms of a Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 International license.

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